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Poke Party for Pokemon GO

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Sviluppatore Braydon Batungbacal

Poké Party for Pokemon GO is a companion app for chatting with and meeting a new group of local Pokemon GO players in your area daily.

Every morning, we introduce you to 5 other Pokemon GO players within a 3 mile radius of you and put you into a shared group chat. You have 24 hours to introduce yourself, get to know these 5 other Pokemon GO players and chat with them. You can even suggest safe, public places for everyone in the group to meet at during the day to take down gyms, hunt Pokemon or just have a good time and create new friendships.

After 24 hours are up, your group will be completely disbanded with no way to communicate with past group members through Poké Party and youll join a new group of 5 different local Pokemon GO players. If there are others within your group that you want to keep in touch with before a group is disbanded, you can easily exchange Facebook profiles, emails or other forms of contact.

Poké Party only shares your Facebook profile picture and your first name with other people that youre grouped with. We absolutely never share your location, last name, Facebook profile URL or any other personally identifiable information.